I Want To Run Far Far Away

Just get in the car and go

25 August 1988

It's All About Me
Heather 22. Writer. Reader. Worker. TV Watcher. I'm a sucker for brother relationships. (Michael/Lincoln, PB & The Donnelly Brothers) Dreams of doing journalism and professional photography. Dreams of being an actress, writer, and kick-ass spy all in one. I can dream can't I? I'm a little bit of everything. I like to debate, about everything. No lie. I'm sarcastic and funny. Both really at the same time when coming from me. My posts are usually 50/50 real-life and fangirlyness.

This journal is semi-friends only. What does that mean? Well most posts are public, but there are a few things that I do friends lock. Feel free to friend me, but make sure to ask to be added back if you want to be, otherwise I'll assume you're just here for the public posts.
Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Real Housewives Of Everything. Bethany Getting Married. The Game. Kendra. Cake Boss. Teen Mom. 16 & Pregnant. Law & Order: SVU. The Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother. Basketball Wives. The Office.

Ships >> Micahel/Sara. Jason/Carly. Tim/Lyla. Logan/Veronica. Cooper/Maxie. Jim/Pam.

I don't really have any favorite movies. I don't like anything predictable/cliche. I don't have any specific music likes. I'm all over the place with which artists I like and genres. As for books, I love to read and I'm all about the romance. It's my guilty pleasure. I've read so many that it's hard at times to find new ones to read. Eventually I hope to have a full list of all that I have read, as there are a lot.

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