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03 August 2009 @ 07:56 pm
Baking Adventure  
Another installment of my baking adventures. Today's installment includes the current popular Hamburger Cupcakes. My take is a bit different then the normal recipe called for.

So, I decided to jump on the recent fad of making the Hamburger Cupcake. I adjusted it a teeny tiny bit though. Instead of using a brownie and cake, I just used all cake. And instead of using seeds for the top, I used sprinkles.

I started out by making up all the batter and baking the cupcakes. I let those cool and while they were cooling, cooled the frosting. Green, red, and yellow. Lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. Then I grabbed my round cookie cutter and was ready to get to work. Until I realized my cookie cutter? Was bigger then the cupcakes themselves. So, instead I laid out some foil, and used a serrated knife to cut the cupcakes up.

I realized that I would end up wasting a lot of the chocolate cupcakes by just cutting out the middle and discarding the rest. So, instead I evened out the tops the best I could and used them as well. I hate wasting good food. Then I topped them with the "toppings."

After that I topped them with their tops and pressed some sprinkles on top to act as the seeds.

I was happy with end product. As was the boyfriend.

Before topping the "burgers" with their toppings, I had to wait for the icing to get harder as the standard thing that happens in my apartment happened again. The icing being left out, was waaaaaaay too soft to use without it dripping everywhere, so into the fridge it went. And while that was in there, I used what I had left of the cake batters, since I only made 6 burgers, and made two small round cakes. Which, after evening out the tops, I sliced each into two, and layered them. Nothing really special, just vanilla icing between each layer. It resulted into a 5 Layer Leftover Batter cake.

It was especially delicious. That went into the fridge as well to harden the icing. Yum.
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