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24 December 2007 @ 04:11 am
Christmas Baking  
I had such plans for today but then I slept until 5pm. It wasn't all bad though because today was coldy, windy, and over all depressing. But because of that, I'm stuck up now so I figured why not turn on my slow as a turtle computer and transfer over my baking pictures and post? So, as promised, the pictures from my Christmas baking. Normally I'm all, "Show me the goodies!", when i read entries with the in the process of baking picture as the first image but mine turned out so good I just couldn't help doing that. LOL. Anyway....

I had originally started by making the dough for a Cinnamon Cookie Roll and then moved onto this. The Cinnamon Roll Cookie though, turned out really sticky, even after a night in the fridge and therefore I threw it out. This ^ is my, I guess, quintuple brownies. 5 times the chocolate. Not only is it brownies so it's obviously chocolate, but there is also fudge chunks, morsels, my secret chocolate ingredient, and the Christmas colored M&M's on top. I like making them in round pans because it looks cool. LOL. After it was done and cooled I cut it in half and then vertically and then horizontally. I got about 16 out of cutting it that way, after trimming off the edges.

Then I made my Snickerdoodle Cookies. Only I couldn't find my original recipe, until a few hours ago actually, so I went surfing online to find one that was like my original one and they came out the same, if not better. I'll have to check them against each other to see if I ended up finding the same one.

After that was the dreaded Peanut Butter Chocolate Munchies Cookies. The first time I made them I couldn't get the peanut butter to form into a ball to put inside the chocolate ball. This time I added a bit more peanut butter and it formed easier. After forming the chocolate ball around the peanut butter ball, I rolled them in red and green sugar to keep with the Christmas theme.

Then I set up my little station to put together my Christmas gifts, which were the cookies. I bought the red mailboxes, then decided that I would put white tissues paper in there, then the cookies, and then wrap the mailboxes so they wouldn't open, with white ribbon. Then top with a green bow and put the to/from tag on. I really liked this idea and it went over really well, so I hope to do it next year. The second picture is the end result. I put 4 brownies in there, 3 Snickerdoodles, and 3 Peanut Butter Chocolate Munchies.

The next day I wanted to try to make something more to go along with them, because I wasn't sure if all the sweets would fit right in the mailbox, as I put them together the next day too. So I figured what the heck? And made some Peppermint Cupcakes.

I made the yellow cupcake mix from scratch and then made the cream cheese frosting as well from scratch. I tasted both before putting them together just in case they didn't taste as good as they looked. They did. :)

I don't have one of those fancy piping bags or tips, yet anyway, so I used a regular ziplock bag, filled it with the frosting, and cut the tip. I iced the cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting and then because I didn't have any green peppermints and I wanted to keep it with my Christmas theme, I found some green food coloring in my cupboard and added a couple splashes to the frosting and got a nice green. I filled another ziplock bag, cut a smaller tip off, and then piped a little dollop on the top, added the peppermint behind, and sprinkled with sugar (snow). I put them in the fridge then, as the peppermint started to slip. I wasn't sure how they would taste together as I didn't try them together, but my sister assured me that it tasted good. :)

After making up the mailboxes, I realized that three wouldn't be any room to add the cupcake in, so instead I took the cupcake out of the fridge, placed it in the middle of some Christmas tree tissue paper, pulled it all together, and used ribbon to tie it closed. It was a hit too. :)

So, that was my Christmas gift to everyone. They liked it and it wasn't so bad to do. I didn't do the traditional ginger bread or sugar cookie, cookies, mostly cause I don't like them and I didn't feel like doing them LOL. Instead I did stuff that I knew would come out great and I'm glad.

Since doing all of that and browsing some communities, I now have this insane urge to bake/cook more and work on my decorating skills. I have so many ideas. Heh. I have more cooking/baking pictures that I've done that I'm really proud of to post too, but later as I'm finally getting tired.
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