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15 January 2008 @ 01:55 am
Just Thinking About Sugar Makes My Teeth Hurt  
I made my nephews birthday cake. Finished at 12:30pm. Ugh. Never again. LOL. I like the decorating part, somewhat, but yeah it was a lot to do and I have zero patience. Plus everytime I screwed up or had icing somewhere, I ate it. And now even thinking about it makes my teeth hurt. Will have photos tomorrow hopefully.

On the work front, I got a call today, and have an orientation set up for Saturday, from 8 to 6. And yes that's 8 in the morning UNTIL 6 at night. Shesh. I have to call them back tomorrow though because I was shopping when they called and missed a few important things that I should know. Like what to wear, what to bring, oh and where to go.

I'm still eh about it but hopefully after the orientation it will be better. *sighs* I hope.